Hey there!

I am very sorry that it took so long, even though I knew I would continue, I didn’t think it would be 3 years. *sweats* oh boy Time really runs through your fingers.


End of 2020
It all started with pain in my wrist and I decided to be sensible and take a break.

My hand got better, but then I started thinking if I wanted to continue Drakenbun like this or do things a bit different. Turning into an overthinking spiral, nothing came out of it and I felt overwhelmed.

Then things at my job started to get more mentally draining and I didn’t have the capacity.

I finally quit and started my own business as a freelancer. There was a lot of preparations to do, learning things, networking and getting a few bigger clients. yay 😀

was officially my first year as a full time freelancer. It took some time to get used to this and balancing my time.

Even though there were still no new comics, Rufus is more alive than ever. I finally finished the first compilation of the Drakenbun Comic Book in April 2023. And in December 2023 I released the first Rufus Plushie.

Here we are and I want 2024 to be the return of the comic. I decided to keep the format, but plan more ahead to have some shorter story lines going. I am also looking forward to see how my style has developed 😀

Thank you for your patience!

And a special thank you to the people that have still been commenting. I haven’t been on this platform in a long time, it was such a nice suprise to see that my art matters to you 💜

Thank you for reading

Carry & Rufus