#083 Supplement?

Fun Fact: This sparkling water exists

and it’s from Germany. But… will it work?

After skipping last week, this week has been very tight again. It should get better next week until we head into a very busy April full of conventions. Wish me the best xD

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Carry & Rufus

#082 A Refresher

Well that was unfortunate…

Sorry for being a tiny bit late in the schedule. This week has been crazy busy and I am afraid the following weeks will be busy as well. I have a lot of client work coming up and April will be crazy filled with conventions. 
I will try to keep up the weekly updates, but forgive me if I have to skip a week 🙈 

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Carry & Rufus

#078 Research

At least…

we are getting a meal out of that too!

And whoops! It is Rufus’ birthday 😀
Happy Birthday!!!

Speaking of Birthday

I am hosting a give away over on my instagram @neophobica. You can enter the give away until February the 13th and win a Drakenbun Plushie or the Drakenbun Comic Book.

Good luck!

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Carry & Rufus

#075 Bonus Episode

Hey there!

I am very sorry that it took so long, even though I knew I would continue, I didn’t think it would be 3 years. *sweats* oh boy Time really runs through your fingers.


End of 2020
It all started with pain in my wrist and I decided to be sensible and take a break.

My hand got better, but then I started thinking if I wanted to continue Drakenbun like this or do things a bit different. Turning into an overthinking spiral, nothing came out of it and I felt overwhelmed.

Then things at my job started to get more mentally draining and I didn’t have the capacity.

I finally quit and started my own business as a freelancer. There was a lot of preparations to do, learning things, networking and getting a few bigger clients. yay 😀

was officially my first year as a full time freelancer. It took some time to get used to this and balancing my time.

Even though there were still no new comics, Rufus is more alive than ever. I finally finished the first compilation of the Drakenbun Comic Book in April 2023. And in December 2023 I released the first Rufus Plushie.

Here we are and I want 2024 to be the return of the comic. I decided to keep the format, but plan more ahead to have some shorter story lines going. I am also looking forward to see how my style has developed 😀

Thank you for your patience!

And a special thank you to the people that have still been commenting. I haven’t been on this platform in a long time, it was such a nice suprise to see that my art matters to you 💜

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Carry & Rufus

#075 Hibernation ends

*Biiiiig Stretch*

It has been 3 years – oh boy! – but here we are, finally back to the comic. Our buns have awoken from hibernation and are ready for new adventures!

I may not have been drawn the comic in the last 3 years, but I still worked on my skills and made some changes. Black lineart, new speech bubbles and I will also go aways from the background colours I had used before. To make the comic a bit friendlier to the eyes 😂

An explanation why it has been so long, will be included in the bonus episode 🙂

Thank you for reading

Carry & Rufus