I know I know… it has been said before,…

but there are still people who need to hear this!

so one more time for the “ones ignoring a worldwide crisis and being a dick and threat to themselves and other people” in the back!

Don’t Panic!

Buy reasonable: you don’t need to build a fort out of toilet paper, nor do you want to eat noodles for 2 weeks straight. Beside wanting diversity in your food, noodles aren’t that nourishing. Try oatmeal, but save some for me!!!

Wash your hands. Water, soap and washing your hands is more effective than desinfectant (unless you have no possibility to wash your hands… fair enough).

Stay the fuck at home! Seriously! If you don’t have necessary business outside (groceries, pharmacy, your job that must be done (thank you to all the people still working and giving their best in this time of crisis), stay inside. Selfisolation is a big part in the next weeks to reduce new infections and keeping the situation controllable. There still will be new infections, sadly, but much less than there would be if people are still out there.

Be kind! In times like this, it is much needed.

Stay awesome and healthy guys!

Thank you for reading

Carry & Rufus