This bunny is going places

I can’t express my gratitude for all the love Rufus has received, enough.

In his short existence he brightened my days and made life a whole new kind of adventure.

People ending their e-mails or texts to me with:
“Have a nice day and greet Rufus from me.”
“Say Hi, to Rufus!”

Wonderful human beings that surprised me and blew my mind, as they brought carrots for Rufus to my booth at the artist alley. You are the real MVPs! You made my day!

My lovely friend Samantha that spotted the painting of the rabbit in a suit as we strolled the streets of Florence. I couldn’t contain myself and nearly had to sit down on the street because I was laughing so hard. Earning weird looks from the guests of the restaurant, where said painting was hung on the wall 🤣

Also sightseeing with Rufus has been a lot of fun! You can follow him on instagram, his account is, I shit you not: @drakenbun

Last but not least: HasiAnn from fourthinstance and her adorable creation the Moosetache. She did some mini comics in which Rufus had an appearance and as we were joking about the “More Blood” “More Fire” we made a dumb joke about “More Stache” and thus the idea for this comic was born.

Thank you HasiAnn <3

And thanks to all of you, for being on this journey with me <3

Thank you for reading

Carry & Rufus