How it all started?

Well, this one is odd. But what isn’t? This might take a bit, bear with me!

My dear friend Katrin (she is a writer of dark fantasy – no paid add!) and I had a conversation about a movie. She got attacked by a plotbunny and maybe she is now writing a book because of that.

What a plotbunny is, you ask?

Well every story has a plot. It’s the core a story is wrapped about. A plot is the idea. And a plotbunny is an idea that just jumps in front of you, hits you hard and demands you to follow that idea!
The thing is, a plotbunny can be good or bad. You might have one you can write a book about, or an entire series!
But it could also be a misleading little brat, that leads you into the woods and you never find your way back again. Whoops, that sounds a lot like Rufus…

Speaking of him, how it started!

Well, Katrin got her revenge.
I was sitting at work, had my lunch break and out of nowhere I got a text from her: “You have to draw a fantasy-plotbunny! Half Dragon, half bunny”.
I was like: “Ok, give me five minutes!”
Then I drew a bunny standing on his hindlegs, gave him horns and wings (because dragon, duh!) and when it came to the pupils I thought: dragons are reptilian, why not try slitted pupils. So I did and I had to giggle instantly because it looked so dumb.

That was the moment I fell in love with that little, adorable bastard.
I had so much fun by drawing him, I didn’t even care if anybody likes him. But boy, people did and I was so surprised and thankful. My baby will conquer the world with adorable dumbness

Thank you for reading

Carry & Rufus